Arugam Bay’s Baby Point

Yellow separation line

Surfer girls are watching other surfers

Baby Point is the beginner-friendly surf point adjacent to Main Point. To get there, go to the end of the main street in Arugam Bay (heading away from Pottuvil). Take a left at the Tesco shop, and follow the road until you reach the beach. You’ll see a beach filled with fishing boats. Past most of the fishing boats and where you see the small waves on your left is Baby Point. Further down the beach is Main Point. Want to check out Baby Point? We always recommend for new surfers to book a lesson when learning or trying a new location. It will help keep you and other surfers safe in the water. Plus you’re likely to catch more waves.

Interested in surfing Baby Point? Book a lesson to help you navigate the point for the first time!

Surf Baby Point

  • Wave type? Righty
  • Good for beginners? Yes
  • Good for intermediate? There may be some small, fun waves depending on the swell
  • Good for advanced? No