Whisky Point

Yellow separation line

Surf during sunset

Getting there: Travel north from Pottuvil along the A4 Road and at the Urani Lagoon Bridge make a right turn towards the coast. Follow the dirt road and two kilometers later you will arrive at Sababa Surf Cafe. The Whisky surf point is just to the right of Sababa and directly in front of Whisky Point Resort.

Whisky Point is set on a wide beach with a set of boulders at its bend, providing ideal conditions for surfers of all abilities. When the waves are small, Whisky Point can be a good choice. When the swells are big, Pottuvil Point is just a short drive or a 10-minute walk down the beach. On the beach at Whisky Point, you’ll find Whisky Point Resort, an eco-friendly resort that offers delicious snacks, pasta, rice bowls, paninis, and more. Next to Whisky Point Resort is Sababa, a bar, and café that offers to chill out or simply sit back and observe other surfers in the water. This two-tiered venue also hosts beach parties every Friday night during the high season. A lagoon tour service also operates beside the Urani Lagoon Bridge and especially closer to sunset is an amazing experience with plenty of birds and other wildlife on display.

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Whisky Surf Point

  • Wave type: Righty
  • Good for beginners? Yes
  • Good for intermediate? Yes
  • Good for advanced? Yes