Elephant Rock Near Arugam bay

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Elephant Rock gets its name from the wild elephants that visit most mornings and evenings. Elephant Rock is known by many in Arugam Bay as one of the best places to enjoy the sunset. The view from the top of this huge rock is of a beautiful natural coastline, engulfed by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. 

The surf point is accessed by climbing over the rock toward the ocean and then crossing the shallow point of the lagoon closest to the ocean. It is important not to swim in the lagoon or cross too deep. There are crocodiles in this lagoon that have traditionally stayed on the bank opposite of the ocean side…but don’t tempt them. The waves at Elephant Rock are fast and fun. Surfers of all levels can enjoy the breaks. We highly recommend hiring a guide or a tuk-tuk driver who is familiar with the area if you’re visiting this spot for the first time. Finding the surf point can be difficult and the wildlife is in abundance.

Note: There have been bear, crocodile, leopard, and aggressive elephant sightings in this area. We do not recommend traveling there for the first time without a local tuk-tuk driver or guide who is familiar with the area.

Interested in Surfing Elephant Rock? Book a guide to help you navigate the point for the first time!

Elephant Rock Surf Point

  • Wave type: Righty
  • Good for beginners? Yes
  • Good for intermediate? Yes
  • Good for advanced? Yes