Main Point at Arugam Bay

Yellow separation line

Constant waves are perfect for beginners

The Arugam Bay Main Point is located at the end of the main street in Arugam Bay (heading away from Pottuvil). Take a left at the Tesco shop, and follow the road until you get to the beach. You’ll see a beach filled with fishing boats. Follow that beach until you see the big waves and surfers. You will pass Baby Point before reaching the Main Point.

Main Point is the busiest of all the points. This is because it offers some of the best waves and tubes making it one of the top places to surf in the world. The point can be described as a fantastically easy-to-surf, right-hand wave, breaking over a fairly soft reef at the headland in front of Arugam Bay. Main Point is for intermediate to advanced surfers only. It is not the place to cut your teeth on the waves. The shallow water, big waves, and sharp reef must be navigated carefully. There is a dance that must be done with the waves to get out there safely. Many people opt for reef boots which can be found at Dylan’s Surf Shop on the main road. The rush for the Main Point begins just after dawn around 5:30 AM. Surfers of all ages can be seen trudging along the beach with their boards tucked under their arms. While early morning and evening are the most popular times, surfers can be seen at Main Point throughout the day.

Interested in Surfing Main Point? Book a guide to help you navigate the point for the first time!

Surf Main Point

  • Wave type: Righty
  • Good for beginners? No
  • Good for intermediate? Yes (left side if looking at water from the beach)
  • Good for advanced? Yes