Okanda Surf Spot

Yellow separation line


Travel to Okanda Temple and walk to the beach from there. You will be able to see the beach from the temple. Once you are at the beach, facing the water, the surf point will be to your right 200 meters down the coast. The point is highlighted by a large flat slab rock, with a crevice in the middle that attracts and spews out water, like a blowhole. You will see two rocks in the water, and that is the surf point. Due to its distance from Arugam Bay (45 minutes by Tuk-Tuk),

Okanda Point is a lesser frequented surf point due to its distance from Arugam Bay. Surfers can enjoy excellent views of the sunrise to the left and sunset to the right. A few residents are living at the temple and fishermen live in the area.

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Okanda Surf Point

  • Wave type: Righty
  • Good for beginners? No
  • Good for intermediate? Yes
  • Good for advanced? Yes