Surf at Peanut farm

Yellow separation line


As you are heading southeast, away from Arugam Bay, you will pass the turn for Elephant Rock. Keep straight on the main road for a couple more minutes and you will see a large and plain, dirt road to Peanut Farm to your left. Follow the track until you reach a ‘T-junction’ with a Navy camp entrance to your right and Peanut Farm to your left. Peanut Farm has two surf points, one baby point for beginners and intermediate, and a backline for experienced surfers.

To get to the baby point, cut across the abandoned huts and head to the beach. To reach the point for more experienced surfers, turn right on the beach at the baby point and walk another 200 meters. You will see a Navy Hut on your right. Keep walking past the Navy Hut and you will reach the point after another 50 meters. Those on the backline need to be experienced enough to navigate large rocks in the water. Peanut Farm received its name from the numerous peanut trees that were farmed on the property in the past. During the early 2000’s the owner set up tree houses and huts for die-hard surfers who preferred to stay at Peanut Farm to make most of their surfing holiday. Today, the huts are no longer in service but they do have a restaurant serving Sri Lankan food and western breakfast during the season.

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Peanut Farm Surf Point

  • Wave type: Righty
  • Good for beginners? Yes
  • Good for intermediate? Yes
  • Good for advanced? Yes